97′ – FULL TIME WHISTLE! ALABAMA FC SOUTH WINS 3-1! TOP OF THE TABLE! Huge matchup with Sowegans next week in Georgia for a 1 vs. 2 matchup again.

96′ – Florida ramping up the pressure but have not been able to get a shot on goal in a long time

95′ – Diniz sends in an in-swinging corner high to the back post and is cleared away but the long ball misses for Roots out for an AFC throw

95′ – Grant goes on a brilliant solo run and earns a corner for Alabama FC South.

93′ – Cross comes in dangerously for Florida Roots but Jackson ushers it out for a goal kick

93′ – Free kick in that same location again, Alabama FC South trying to hold on

91′ – Hard foul absorbed by Diniz as Alabama FC South will take its time setting up. Florida is not going away quiet.

90′ – Dias called for offside.

90′ – Shot goes high from AFC, goal kick Roots.

89′ – BIG CHANCE – Free kick from Florida’s own defensive half is headed by Alabama FC and Dias and Diniz link up on the counter but Diniz’s shot is denied.

87′ – Yellow card shown to one of the Florida coaches for dissent

87′ – Caballerro’s free kick is sent into the wall and recovered by Roots. Eventually a pass is overhit and Jackson will take his time on the goal kick. Tyler Bridgewater on for Alabama FC replacing Wheeldon. Shifts França to right back

86′ – Bodies everywhere as a series of hard tackles by both teams ends in a foul called on Wheeldon in a dangerous area for a free kick for Florida. 24 yards out, left side of the box. Three around the ball, four in the wall.

85′ – Roach clears away a channeled ball and forces Florida to restart the attack

83′ – Alabama FC trying to see this out with offense, long ball played quick from Florida, creates a free kick and big chance for the Roots to notch one back.

82′ – NEAR MISS – A clearance effort from the Roots hits Grant and nearly pinballs in but misses just high.

81′ – Offside flag goes up for the first time all night for either side to give the Roots possession.

80′ – França’s cross blocked out for a corner. Diniz to take an out-swinger. Driven low and cleared out by Roots, but Alabama wins it back

78′ – Michalis Jackson off his line again to smother a chance!

77′ – Cheeky backheel from Dias to Diniz creates a counter but could not get a shot from it. Luis Fernandes in the match for Glenn Waters for Alabama FC

76′ – Hard foul from Neil Kerr sees him go in the book. Free kick for Roots in front of their bench.

75′ – Jackson takes some time to pick up the ball before pressure forces the pick up as the Boys in Red try to see this out. Grant goes down in the box, drew the contact but a little too well. Referee not buying it.

73′ – Rashid fouls on the left wing near the corner flag. Free kick headed away, Grant tries to counter, runs out of real estate down the left.

71′ – Neto off, Carson Stewart on for Roots. Charlie Elliott exits for Alabama FC South as Colin Salle takes the pitch. Both teams freshening up the center backs.

70′ – Michalis Jackson has not been called into action often tonight but just made a tremendous stop of a through ball on the left edge of his box as Born charged in

67′ – Nate Grant on for Alabama FC South replacing Arly Ramirez. James Sheppard on for Roots.

66′ – BIG CHANCE – Roots misses a great opportunity in the box off a throw in. Fireworks going off somewhere nearby

66′ – Diniz draws a foul on the right wing 25 yards from end line off the edge, but the free kick in from Waters misses everyone.

65′ – Failed passes around the back from Florida Roots give Alabama FC South a throw on the right wing deep into Florida territory

63′ – This match has huge implications as Sowegans is once again throttling AFC Mobile. Last update was 7-0 in the 50′. As results are currently the table stands, Alabama FC South in first, Sowegans second, Roots third

60′ – DANGEROUS FREE KICK – Free kick misses just high from Wishart

59′ – Kerr has been able to carry on seems to be fine after the scary collision for the second penalty. Foul called against AFC South about 30 yards out and on the left edge out of the penalty area.

58′ – BIG CHANCE – Wyzard’s free header sails well high off a counter attack for Florida

56′ – Diniz’s interception creates a counter chance, but could not get the numbers forward in time, Alabama FC regains possession off keeper distribution

54′ – Ambitious effort from Arly Ramirez goes well high.

52′ – Captain’s band given to David Born. Clint Wyzard subs in for Roots. Seven subs allowed in the GCPL.

51′ – Florida captain and goal scorer on the evening Austin Beasley down around midfield after a collision. Appears to be unable to carry on. Second injury sub coming in for Florida.

49′ – GOAL ALABAMA FC SOUTH! DOWN THE MIDDLE! Diniz gets the keeper going left where he went before and rips it down the middle. Back-to-back braces for Diniz! 3-1 AFC South!

48′ – Diniz back to the spot to take again. Went left last time.

47′ – Neil Kerr charges in the box for a header and is full on speared. Penalty given but serious concern for the Irish midfielder. He’s back up and walking on his own, has to be checked out for concussion

46′ – Still a perfect night for soccer here in Panama City Beach! Alabama FC South now attacking north

BACK UNDERWAY! Same 11 for Alabama FC South

2′ – Florida Roots 1-0 Andrew Beasley (unassisted)
4′ – Alabama FC South 1-1 Arly Ramirez (Higor França)
34′ – Alabama FC South 2-1 Renan Diniz (unassisted, penalty)

45+ – Andrew Duant’s corner punched away by Michalis Jackson as we go to halftime. 2-1 in favor of Alabama FC South!

45’+ – Wishart’s free kick shot blocked out by the five man wall. Corner Florida.

45′ – Charlie Elliott’s pass intercepted in a dangerous area. Wheeldon later whistled for the foul. 25 yards our slightly off to the left from the penalty arc for Florida Roots seeking a late equalizer.

44′ – Skillful dribble from Gabrial Dias is cut out eventually for a throw in by David Born and Diniz is cut down near the Florida bench and tensions very high. Diniz claiming a bench player pushed him after.

43′ – After pleading from Florida Roots, the referee gives a yellow to Renan Diniz.

42′ – BIG CHANCE – Beasley can’t connect on the free header off the set piece from Bastian Wishart

41′ – Foul called on Darius Rashid close to the touchline on the right side of the Alabama FC South defensive box in a very interesting position for either a shot or cross

39′ – Diniz drives in the free kick but no runner there for it. Easy work for Lindewirth.

38′ – Corner off the save from Diniz didn’t work as drawn up but AFC South takes possession right back after a foul and Diniz is fouled from behind. Tensions high as Florida did not agree. Free kick from virtually the same spot again. A name may be going into the book, but I could not catch who it was.

37′ – HUGE SAVE – Ensuing free kick from a similar position as earlier is pushed away by the keeper denying Glenn Waters of a worldie free kick

36′ – Roach’s long ball to Dias ends with a yellow to Florida’s defender Antonio Neto for a charge to the back. First yellow card of the match.

35′ – Denilson Caballerro on for Florida Roots in the place of Soares

34′ – GOAL ALABAMA – DINIZ IS ON FIRE! THREE GOALS AND AN ASSIST IN THE LAST TWO MATCHES! He sends the keeper right and buries it left. 2-1 Alabama FC South!

33′ – PENALTY! Gabriel Dias is wrapped up in the box and the referee points to the spot! Renan Diniz to take!

33′ – Looks like Soares’s night is done. Sub coming in for Roots

31′ – contested long ball deep in the Alabama FC South defensive end ends up in a goal kick

29′ – Roots play it back to AFC South. Soares trying to work it out on the sidelines, has not been replaced. Roots playing with 10 men for now.

25′ – Wheeldon whistled for a foul on a counter attack and brings the training golf cart out. Raone Soares being tended to for Florida Roots.

24′ – Wheeldon’s cross blocked out. Third corner for Alabama FC South.

22′ – In-swinging corner blocked out. Another corner. Ball scrambles out to Diniz who’s shot sails high. Both teams take a moment to reset

21′ – Corner for AFC South. Roach to take from the right side.

20′ – Nearly called out on a counter! A long ball finds the overlapping runner for the Roots and nearly creates a chance but Darius Rashid shielded it perfectly to stop it

19′ – Jackson intervenes on a diagonal cross to stop a Florida attack

17′ – Elliott with a clever dribble forward creates a good cross from Roach, blocked out. Diniz with an ambitious distance shot well wide left.

16′ – Dias does a great job with the holdup play, but the pass misses and creates a counter chance for Florida but the AFC defense recovers excellently and forces a recycle

14′ – Wheeldon whistled for a foul in the attacking half

13′ – Slick turf could be an issue tonight as Lindewirth lost his footing punting away

11′ – BIG CHANCE – Ball bounces free off the four-man wall on Diniz’s free kick to Logan Roach around the penalty spot but a stellar close out from Roots GK Alex Lindewirth keeps it level

10′ – Match getting physical, Diniz draws a foul 35 yards from goal on the top left of the penalty area. Waters and Diniz over it.

9′ – Renan Diniz intercepts a bad pass and starts a counter attack. Contact on the edge of the box as França fights for position for a cross, ball out for goal kick

8′ – Neir Kerr brought down in the middle of the park, appeals for a foul, not given, but Roots turn it back over.

5′ – These two teams have only allowed a total of 6 goals combined this season through 7 matches coming into today. But the offenses don’t care about that today.

4′ – GOAL ALABAMA – AAAAAARRRLLLYYYYYY!!!! Arly Ramirez tucks it away after a great run and dribble from Higor França down the right side sets up the pass into the middle of the box where Ramirez kisses it off the left post and in! 1-1

2′ – GOAL FLORIDA – a turnover deep in the midfield leads to a great chance for Florida Roots captain Andrew Beasley who strikes from a distance into the top corner with pace. 1-0 Roots.

Kickoff! We’re underway as Alabama FC South starts in defense and attacks south to start the match.

No lineups announced this evening. The teams will walk on and play momentarily

10:00 til kickoff – players getting final touches in on warmups and getting jerseys on

18:00 til kickoff – On the bench for Mateo Peral and company is Nate Grant, Iker Arriola (GK), Hamza Sadiq, Thomas Sutterfield, Colin Salle, Tyler Bridgewater and Luis Fernandes.

22:00 til kickoff – Warmups are well underway. Should be a highly competitive top-of-the-table clash tonight. Florida Roots appear to be wearing all black with white trim. Alabama FC South will be in its all red kits.

30:00 til kickoff – Florida Roots lines up in a 3-5-2
Quin Carper Raone Soares
Cauan Calvacante Andrew Daunt Andrew Beasley Bastian Wishart Pedro Maita
David Born Flint Haligas Antonio Neto
Alex Lindewirth

50:00 til kickoff – Perfect weather in Panama City Beach after a lot of rain earlier on the Gulf Coast. About 74 degrees, clear, low humidity.

1:05:00 til kickoff-Alabama FC South will line up in a 4-3-3 tonight.
Charlie Elliott makes his first start and appearance for AFC South.
Renan Diniz Gabriel Dias Higor França
Glenn Waters Neil Kerr Arly Ramirez
Logan Roach(c) Charlie Elliott Darius Rashid Luke Wheeldon
Michalis Jackson