Volunteer Coaches



“I will remember that the game is for youth – not adults.”

I understand that I must abide by the following rules in order to coach in the YMCA Youth Sports Program.   I will be removed as the coach if I break the Code of Conduct.

  • I am coaching for the children – not for myself.
  • I will make all remarks positive and will not yell at or make negative remarks to the children, referees, coaches, staff or parents.
  • I understand that the program is for the children.
  • I will make sure that the children are having fun, learning and improving as opposed to just winning.
  • I will behave in a non-abusive manner.
  • I understand that I must be a positive influence.
  • I need to look at the special needs of each child, gifted and not gifted.
  • I will never touch out of anger.
  • I will motivate with praise and specific instruction.
  • I will communicate respectfully with children, parents, referees and YMCA staff.
  • I will provide a safe and fun environment.
  • I will not permit any unsportsmanlike conduct from players or spectators representing the team I am coaching.
  • I will line up all team members for prayer before the game and will lead them in shaking hands after the game.