Alabama FC South Fall 2024 Coaching Staff

Alabama FC South is proud to release its lineup of Competitive Coaches for the Fall 2024 Season.

We have put together a group of coaches that will change the way our teams practice, develop and compete throughout the year. At Alabama FC South, our coaches playing experience, teaching abilities, knowledge, and more importantly their honest and true commitment to developing youth soccer players is the principal focus at our club; not training props, A.I. graphics or endless empty space with no purpose.

We will continue to work and create a positive atmosphere that will allow our players & their families to reach new heights and change the soccer scene in this city & River Region. Our club will always welcome every player that wants to improve their skills and compete at a high level and with our new coaching staff in place we have no doubt we’ll be able to provide great experiences along the way.


Please welcome:

Manny Sanchez – Vice President of Soccer Development

Mateo G. Peral – Director of Coaching

Trey St. Clair – U19 Boys Head Coach

Gabriel De Queiroz – U17 Boys Head Coach

Glenn Waters – U16 Boys Head Coach

Darius Rashid – U15 Boys Head Coach

Alexis Pittman – U14 Boys Head Coach

Alabama FC South Grandview Staff

Alton Stoute – U19 Boys Head Coach

Alton Stoute – U17 Boys Head Coach

David Forbus – U17 Girls Head Coach

Anselmo Repolles – U14 Boys Head Coach